Things To Do Year-Round In Homer, Alaska

Our little town is widely known for being a summertime travel destination but there are still plenty of things to do in Homer, Alaska year-round. Travel bloggers can tell you all they want about their quick vacations, but this guide was written by locals so you know you’re getting the inside scoop on the best things to do in Homer.

Keep reading for details on things to do in Homer, Alaska that will help you make the most of your matter the time of year.


Let’s start with the free things to do in Homer…

Who doesn’t love an awesome day of free fun? Our favorite things to do for free mostly involve getting outside so depending on the time of year, grab your sunblock or your mittens and get out there!


Here are 4 easy, beautiful walks in Homer that will clear your head but won’t leave you sore the next day:

  1. The Ray Clapp Trail 

  2. Bishops Beach

  3. The Calvin Coyle Nature Walk

  4. The Homer Spit 

Depending on the time of year, you might want to wear some ice cleats on your shoes for these walks. They aren’t always necessary but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Eveline trail in Homer, Alaska
ray clapp trail in homer alaska

Maybe walking isn't your thing but you still want to enjoy Homer's beauty.

If so, we suggest driving to the overlook on Skyline Dr. for a stellar vista of Kachemak Bay. Trust us, this is the epitome of a low-effort, high-reward activity. 

Pro tip: we think a good view is made even better by drinking a thermos of tea while cozied up in some blankets. But no matter how you like to enjoy your vistas, make sure you get there in time to watch the sun go down (or come up)! Homer’s sunsets don’t disappoint.


Are you interested in local art?

Homer, Alaska is home to some impressively creative people. Our art galleries are relatively small, but they are full of Alaskan charm. Plus, they all fall under the category of co-ops, non-profits or artist-owned so most (if not all) of the proceeds go right back to the creators.

  1. Ptarmigan Arts and the Fireweed Gallery sit right next to each other in downtown Homer.

  2. Bunnell Street Arts Center is in old town Homer and offers a slightly more elevated and traditional gallery experience. 

  3. Paul Dungan’s pottery is often featured at the galleries in town, but visiting his studio is the best way to see him in action. 

  4. Homer Council on the Arts has a physical gallery that you can check out but we also suggest watching their website’s events schedule for classes and shows that you can be  a part of. 


Adventure in the Kenai Mountains and get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Looking at the impressive peaks across the bay is amazing from the Homer side, but getting in the mountains will take your trip to the next level. Ask any local and they’ll tell you that adventuring across the bay is one of the best things to do in Homer. 

The available activities may change depending on the time of year -  hiking, backcountry skiing, ice skating around Grewingk Glacier - but Mako’s Water Taxi can get you there no matter the season. 

grewingk glacier lake
ice skating on a glacial lake

Book a fishing charter with Homer’s most experienced captains.

Most fishing charters take a few months off every year but there is always a boat out there for visitors! The type of fish you catch depends on the season so chat with your captain ahead of time to know what to expect!

In the winter, Homer King Fishing focuses primarily on trolling for king salmon. They also offer tanner crab fishing from October through the end of February. Captains Eric and Steve both run commercial operations in the summer so you know they’re serious about fishing.

Big Dan's offers charter trips year-round. You can chase after a wide variety of fish on state-of-the-art vessels.

For Spring and Summer, we highly recommend Destination Alaska Charters. They have a beautiful, well maintained boat that features a stabilizer so you don’t have to worry about sea sickness! In the summer, you can book a fishing tour through Baycrest Lodge that will take you out for a long day on the water in one of Homer's finest, state-of-the-art charter boats. Click this link to learn more!


Recenter with a yoga class.

Dharmic Spruce is Homer’s newest boutique yoga studio. If you’re looking for things to do in Homer that will help you relax, this is a great place to start! Dharmic Spruce’s yoga studio features a soothing, calm atmosphere and small classes that will help you recenter and find your breath. 

They also offer skincare and spa services so you can do all your self-care in one place.

Pamper yourself with spa treatments.

Sea Glo is Homer’s most trusted, high end spa. They offer a wide range of services including facials, brow shaping, waxing and airbrush tanning.


Rent a bike.

Cycle Logical is the best spot for bike rentals and/or guided rides in Homer. 

If you’re confused as to why biking is listed as a year-round thing to do in Homer, you probably haven’t had the chance to experience fat bikes yet! They handle snow and sand really well so you can head out to the beach during low tide and have some fun! 

Bonus points if you are hearty enough to go for a ride during a full moon in winter.

biking on the homer spit

Grab a drink.

When you’re driving around Homer, you might see a silly bumper sticker that reads Homer, Alaska: A Drinking Town With A Fishing Problem. And although we don’t think fishing is necessarily problematic, we do agree that this is one of the best small towns in Alaska for craft beverages.

  1. For an excellent atmosphere and drinks, you have to check out Sweetgale Meadworks & Ciderhouse. If you’re reading this and thinking that mead is too sweet for you, we suggest giving it a shot anyway; they have plenty of dry varieties too! Made entirely from local ingredients, Sweetgale’s mead and cider are a true Alaskan treat.

  2. Homer Brewing is the best place to go for a no-nonsense, good beer. Their menu doesn’t change much but that’s okay with us because they’ve really nailed down their staples. Their spot is charming and cozy; bring a deck of cards if that’s your thing! 

  3. For a slightly more experimental brew and awesome atmosphere, try Grace Ridge Brewing. We love Grace Ridge for its commitment to the local community - all of their tips are donated to a different organization every month. Occasionally they host really interesting presentations from Homer’s scientists, extreme athletes, artists etc.

  4. For a unique tasting experience, Bear Creek Winery offers wines that are all partially or fully made with berries. Be aware that berry wine will not hit your palate like a traditional wine would - some people fall in love with Bear Creek’s wines, some people don’t understand them. But with their knowledgeable and dedicated staff, Bear Creek Winery is worth visiting regardless of whether berry wines are for you.


Last on our list of things to do in out!

There are plenty of wonderful restaurants in Homer, Alaska. Most of them just operate seasonally but luckily a few crowd favorites stay open year-round.


For coffee and a quick bite to eat, there are two spots we love:

  1. Ano Kissaten is making strides as Homer’s first coffee shop to specialize in premium espresso services. Each drink is a little pricier and takes a few minutes longer than your average coffee shop. But the end result is worth it every time.

  2. Captain's Coffee is a big, open space where you’ll see plenty of locals having meetings, playing cards, working remotely etc. We love it for its prime location in the middle of downtown Homer. 


Here are 5 of our favorite places for breakfast and lunch:

  1. The Bagel Shop is a cheery joint that makes fresh bagels daily. Build your own bagel or choose from their specials menu. They use local ingredients whenever possible (try the lox if you like salmon!) and their espresso drinks are always delicious.

  2. Fritz Creek General Store is a hidden gem that most visitors never see because it’s somewhat far out East. It’s folk music and old-timey Alaskan charm will make you feel right at home. It has delicious sandwiches, pizza, baked goods and more. Fritz Creek is the perfect place to visit for a yummy treat after skiing or taking a summer stroll on the Eveline trail.

  3. Two Sisters Bakery is a short walk from Bishops Beach. Everything about this place is cozy and warm. Their menu is full of delicious small bites that use local ingredients, and its atmosphere is defined by the bright, quirky charm that’s hard to find outside of Alaska.

  4. Latitude 59 is the perfect spot to pick up a satisfying bite in the middle of town. They have great breakfast burritos, sandwiches, salads and small treats. There is something for everyone here.

  5. Wild Honey Bistro makes you feel like you left Alaska and entered a homey European cafe. They have baked goods and coffee but they're famous for their amazing sweet or savory crepe menu and mimosas! In our experience, this place leaves you feeling good every time. 


For dinner, we have a few suggestions:

  1. Vida’s Thai Food is a great option for take-out! You can’t really go wrong with this one; if you like Thai food, you’ll like Vida’s. 

  2. AJ’s Oldtown Steakhouse & Tavern is the place to go for yummy cocktails and perfectly cooked steaks. With their low ceilings, black table cloths, piano player and wooden walls, AJ’s has the vibe of an old school cigar lounge (without the smoke). If steak isn’t your thing, don’t worry! They’re menu accommodates all kinds of preferences.

  3. Fat Olives is known for its pizza counter where you can walk up and order a slice of whatever is on the menu for that day. But the other half of their building is dedicated to a clean and cozy sit-down restaurant where you can order italian food, paired with a nice glass of wine or beer.

The best thing to do in Homer after a long day of exploring is stay at Baycrest Lodge.

Our family-owned lodge is upscale, comfortable and has an unobstructed view of Kachemak Bay and the Kenai Mountains. We work hard to make sure that you have a memorable and relaxing stay no matter the time of year.

With accomodations ranging from 2-6 person guest homes, we have something for everyone. Baycrest Lodge is perfect for both romantic getaways and family trips.

Do you hear that? It’s a private hot tub calling your name…


augustine cabin in homer, alaska

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