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Homer, Alaska is home for the Boumans!

John and Jen Bouman, along with their children Willow and Liam, own Baycrest Lodge in Homer, Alaska. John moved to Homer from Tennessee in 1999. Jen spent 6 years in Homer as a child and officially moved back in 2007 from Oregon. Their love for the outdoors and all of God's beautiful scenery keeps them in Alaska. 

Acquiring acres of ocean view property was a pipe dream at first.

Shortly after moving to Alaska, John fell in love with the land on which Baycrest Lodge currently sits. When he asked a local realtor about it, he was told matter-of-factly that there was no way he would ever be able to buy the property because it was owned by the University of Alaska.

To John’s surprise, the stars aligned a couple years later when a local tipped him off that the land was expected to go up for sale in a sealed-bid auction. John jumped on the opportunity to put an offer on his dream property and he spent many days “nervously waiting on pins and needles” before he got the call that he won the bid!



After Jen came into the picture, the couple decided to put their stunning piece of property to work. The goal was to create Homer’s first upscale lodging experience that also maintained the comforting essence of traditional Alaska. They meticulously planned every single feature of Baycrest Lodge to be top-notch quality with a warm, rustic touch.

Before luxury came a lot of hard work.

The Boumans built the Lupine house first and actually lived in it unfinished for years. There was no insulation, the sink was outside on the porch, and the master bathroom was their makeshift kitchen. When Willow was born, the family moved into the basement of the neighboring lodge’s office for a while. Their living situation wasn’t ideal but, like many Alaskans, they have a hearty family... 

They were able to keep smiling through the less-than-optimal conditions and see their goals through!

After adding decks and hot tubs to Fireweed and Alder, Baycrest Lodge was officially open for business in November of 2016. The lodge quickly gained a great reputation amongst out-of-state travelers and Homer locals alike for its excellent craftsmanship and remarkable cleanliness.

After its initial success, Baycrest Lodge expanded!

In 2019, the Boumans purchased an additional 8 acres where Aspen, Birch and Canyon Cottage now sit. Augustine was also built in 2019 and was an instant hit with guests. Additionally, the Boumans now offer property management for a handful of off-site vacation rentals, bringing the total number of units under their care to 10.

The Boumans are now an instrumental part of the Homer community.

These days, John is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of Homer’s finest contractors in the luxury home market. You can usually find him at a job site after a quick visit to his favorite coffee shop. 

Jen is the face of Baycrest Lodge and would probably win an award for the world’s best multi-tasker if there ever were such a thing. She’s an excellent mom to Liam and Willow, taking care of their needs and getting them to school and activities on time. And between housekeeping, guest correspondence, and office work, Jen is also the glue that keeps the lodge going. 

In their limited free time, the Boumans like to go for family bike rides on the Homer Spit and cruise around Kachemak Bay in their sports boat. If they’re able to take time away from Alaska, they opt for quiet beach towns with warm, tropical weather – one of the only things that the Last Frontier lacks.

Baycrest Lodge is committed to being Homer, Alaska’s top luxury lodging choice.

Even though John and Jen managed to build Baycrest lodge with very little help, they realized that growing their business — while still maintaining luxury lodging standards — would only be possible with a team. They now have a handful of valued and dedicated employees who work hard to ensure that Baycrest Lodge is the best place to stay in Homer, Alaska. It’s the goal of everyone on staff to provide guests with the most memorable, comfortable lodging experience possible.


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