John and Jen Bouman, along with their children Willow and Liam own Baycrest Lodge in Homer. John and Jen built the Lupine House (previously their home), Alder, Fireweed, Augustine, Aspen & Birch, including the local spruce furniture, steel accents, curtain rods and curtains in all 3 units.

This is the 3rd lodge John has built in Homer, Jen's 2nd. They are passionate about building and creating comfortable, clean and unique lodging for their guests! They work very hard at making sure the guests have everything they need to make their stay at Baycrest Lodge a truly memorable experience. 

John moved to Homer from Tennessee in 1999 and Jen moved here in 2007 from Oregon but also spent 6 years in Homer as a child. Their love for the outdoors and all of God's beautiful scenery keeps them in Alaska. Homer is home!