The Best Opportunities For Wildlife Photography In Alaska

There’s no doubt that Alaska is one of the best destinations for wildlife photography in North America.

We always recommend getting into Alaska’s backcountry whenever possible but you don’t actually have to travel that far to see some impressive creatures. Just driving to the grocery store, you might see a moose chomping on a roadside berry patch. Eagles are commonly seen hovering in the sky, searching for their next meal. And if you look extra closely, you might just spot a porcupine asleep in a tree. 

While there are plenty of opportunities for wildlife photography throughout our great state, we have a handful of recommendations for travelers visiting the place we know best: south central Alaska. 

All of our suggestions for photography tours begin in Homer, Alaska and take you via ferry, charter boat or plane to some of North America's most jaw-dropping wilderness. 

If you like to run with the adventurous crowd, there are some excellent tours and workshops in Alaska that provide unforgettable adventures and unique opportunities to shoot wildlife photography. Whether you’re a beginner photographer or a seasoned professional, we can’t recommend the following experiences highly enough! 

Welcome the start of summer by joining Homer, Alaska's Shorebird Festival.

Loved by locals and out-of-state travelers alike, Homer’s famous Shorebird Festival is a fun way for bird nerds to gather, learn, and capture images of their favorite fowl. 

This 5 day festival is jam-packed with activities ranging from self-guided tours to scientific lectures. Perhaps the best part about the festival is that the shorebirds’ nesting grounds are very easy to access. While boat tours are heaps of fun – and we highly recommend you join one – you don’t have to travel across the bay to photograph these spectacular birds; most of them sit on beaches that you can easily access by car.


Experience the best of Homer’s wildlife from the waters of Kachemak Bay. 

Very few people get to experience wildlife photography in Alaska but even less people get to explore Alaska under water. Considering that our great state is growing in popularity, you could argue that the ocean is the last frontier of the last frontier. 

Known as “the halibut fishing capital of the world,” Homer, Alaska is home to a bay that’s teeming with sea life, making it an excellent location for sport fishing and underwater photography.

If you'd like to try your hand at capturing images of Alaska’s amazing sea life, there is only one guide service in Homer that can set you up: Coldwater Alaska.

They offer wildlife tours, spearfishing trips, and water taxi services to the Kenai Mountains. Coldwater Alaska is unique in that they allow you to plan a trip that’s completely customized to fit your idea of fun! Depending on how you design your trip, you could see whales, fish, otters, birds etc.

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Spear fishing halibut in Homer, Alaska

Take a day trip to Katmai National Park’s spectacular brown bear haven.

You can’t really talk about wildlife photography in Alaska without talking about bears! 

Bear viewing trips are unforgettable experiences that you shouldn’t pass up if you have the chance to go...especially if your goal is to capture rare images of wildlife. 

Regardless of your interest in wildlife photography, bear viewing is simply amazing. Being in the presence of a brown bear is a life changing experience, no matter how you slice it...if you accidentally stumble upon one during a backcountry trek, you might see your life flash before your eyes. Conversely, if you sign up for a professionally guided tour and purposely find yourself near a group of brown bears, you’ll fall asleep at night feeling humbled in the way that only a dose of raw nature can inspire. 

There are many bear viewing outfitters in Homer, Alaska but our favorite is Sasquatch Adventures.

With Sasquatch Adventures, you’ll get to experience one of the most scenic flights of your life, followed by an incredible day in the presence of Alaska’s famous brown bears. Hip waders are provided, making it easy to follow your guides around the sandbars in Katmai National Park’s remote rivers. 

Sasquatch’s tours cater to amatuer and professional photographers alike. Your highly experienced guides will safely get you into position to capture the best images possible. The remote location is so beautiful that it’ll be hard to mess this one up, trust us. We’re confident that you’ll have the opportunity to capture images that you’ll cherish forever.

A baseline level of fitness is recommended for these tours: as long as you can walk 5 miles on uneven surfaces over the course of 4 hours you’ll have a great time.

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Dive deep into wildlife photography in Alaska with a multi-day photo workshop led by recognized professionals.

This one is for the serious wildlife photographers out there! If a day trip just isn't going to cut it for you, this workshop might be exactly what you're looking for.

The Kodiak Photo Workshop, hosted by professional photographers Dan M Lee and Jessica Haydahl, provides an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in Alaska’s rugged beauty and sharpen your wildlife photography skills. 

Photographers taking pictures of alaskan brown bear
Alaskan brown bear and three cubs

After you arrive in Kodiak Island by plane or by taking the ferry from Homer, you’ll leave cell service for a remote lodge that nestles you in the best of Alaska’s pristine wilderness. 

In this all-inclusive workshop, Dan and Jessica will guide you around Kodiak and teach you all about their approach to creating stunning images of the last frontier’s most wild spaces. Whether you’re a hobbyist who is eager to learn or a professional photographer who just wants to talk shop, this experience is for you! Your hosts will gladly cater to your individual preferences and needs.

Over the course of 5 days, you’ll have the opportunity to go bear viewing, kayaking, hiking, fly fishing and boating. All lodging, food, drinks and tours are included, allowing you to focus on sharpening your photography skills and taking in Alaska’s unparalleled beauty. 

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